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We Are Helping Vimba To Define Their Brand Message & Grow Their UK Customer Base. Its applications are really easy to use and one can familiarize himself really quick about the whole procedure and what to do. It helps saving money by setting up goals such as how much you want to save each week.

Lab99 supported VIMBA with their event by devising a Sales and Marketing strategy which resulted in a 60% ROI and above average marketing metrics.


We Are Helping Vimba To Define Their Brand Message & Grow Their UK Customer Base


Vimba has been around since 2014 which makes the company one of the first Bitcoin saving
platforms in the world. The company’s mission is to help people to buy, sell and save Bitcoin

Our Task

We were tasked with helping Vimba to establish their presence in the UK and the rest of Europe
while maintaining and growing their customer base in New Zealand

What We’ve Done So Far

Our first mission was to clearly define Vimba’s message and ensure all communication is simple
and in-line with the company’s end goal and their target audience.

We first recommended an updated website layout which would better communicate the
company’s message and bring their brand to life. We worked with the internal team to update all
copy and layout with a key focus on the customer journey.

We then created all ads including organic photographs, videos, and infographics to target
Vimba’s potential customers. We’ve worked to create niche audiences that has the highest
chances of converting and structured ad copy. Lab99 has also provided all social media
posts and blog posts for Vimba to maximise social interaction.

Website Design Before Renewal
Website Design After Renewal

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