Rovo is a B2B company providing Everything you need to manage and grow your sports or fitness business. All data and technology is cloud based and it is 100% secure as well at the same time..

Lab99 supported Rovo with their 2018 event by devising a Sales and Marketing strategy which resulted in a 60% ROI and above average marketing metrics.


Helping ROVO To Make A B2B Shift


Rovo is a sports app that helps people to connect with fellow sports lovers and play more of the
sports they love. The company is one of Singapore’s most promising young startups with a
great internal team of developers.


To further monetise and grow the business, Rovo were ready to launch a B2B side of the
business to attract sports businesses to their unique all-in-one business management platform.
This was a challenge as the internal team were focused on product development. We partnered
with Rovo to further define their business message and build out their brand communication to
their new target audience.

Our Solution

Firstly, we helped Rovo to zero down on their brand message and made suggestions to further
update their website adding clear call-to-actions. We then created all of Rovo’s commercial and
promotional material and targeted thousands of leads through a multi-touchpoint sales
development campaign. This included specific social media lead generation campaigns, and
targeted email marketing.

The app for sports players.

Rovo is a sports app that helps you play more of the sport you love.

  • Find people to do sports together
  • Join sports activities near you
  • Track scores, stats and rankings
  • Organise group activities painlessly


We provided adequate market feedback to Rovo by filter leads through to the internal team. We
also implemented a CRM for Rovo to better track leads and conversions. Rovo has now gone
on to make internal marketing hires and are scaling out the sales development and marketing


We worked with Lab99 to define and set up our entire outbound lead acquisition & nurturing process from scratch. They’re approach of providing a holistic approach to sales & marketing worked very well for us as they felt like a natural extension to our team & fulfilled all their deliverables. I’d highly recommend them!
Ritesh Angural

Co-Founder, CEO, ROVO

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