5 Ways To Make Your Brand Stand Out On A Low Budget

 Does your brand stand out the way you’d like it to?

Despite what most people think, building a brand is about more than spending thousands on a flashy logo and having a fancy looking website. Your brand should be appealing to your potential customers in order to drive interest to your business and say something about who you are and what your business stands for. There’s no blueprint to follow when it comes to building a great brand, but there are some steps you can take to ensure you are on the right track.  Some great insights and proper planning with actionable and practical steps can produce some the results you need when launching a new company.   

Never forget that the essential components such as your logo, name, website, tone and even your company colours will give your brand its uniqueness!

Here are 5  ways to make your brand stand out in today’s crowded digital landscape. 

  1. Search for solutions 

The internet has made information more accessible than ever before, and today everything lies at your fingertips. This means that quality doesn’t automatically mean you need a large budget, but will require some research, patience, creativity and an understanding of your business and its audience. If you’re not up for the task yourself, sites like Upwork or Fiverr, are great for connecting with freelancers globally who can provide cost-effective but quality branding solutions. We recommend to follow the reviews and check previous examples of work before making your decision on a freelancer. The list of service providers you can find on these platforms are endless and most of what your startup needs can be done quickly. We’ve used Upwrok to find local freelancers that we collaborate frequently. 

  1. Personality

You are trying to appeal to a human audience which means you must be human and personable in your approach. Beyond all doubt, you really want your customers to feel exclusive, but more importantly that your business does what it says on the tin. From your first interaction with customers you should ensure you create an environment of trust where customers can feel confident and comfortable in your ability to deliver.  Get creative with how you leave a lasting impression, personal notes or gifts to new clients shouldn’t be out of the question.  People love businesses that are imaginative, exciting and bold.

  1. Story & Vision

Regardless of your industry, a good story helps to power your business. It makes your brand to stand out among others. Document vital moments in your lead up to and within your startup journey including both highs and lows. By providing answers to questions such as what triggered your idea for the business and what challenges you faced you will be able to better articulate the problems you solve.   

  1. Consistency

Keep to your brand’s tone, language, and voice. Your message should be fluid across all platforms to maintain consistency. Social media management and scheduling software is highly recommended to automate your posts. Our personal favourites are SocialBee, Hootsuite and Later  Observe the peak times that your audience are active to maximise the effectiveness of your posts. Consistency doesn’t mean hard sell. Instead, create a community and build relationships based on topics that are in-line with your products or services. Apply the 80/20 rule in your branding. Do 80% quality content that adds value and 20% promotional content of your products.  

  1. Purpose

Adding value should be your brand’s purpose. Craft out ways you can make your goal altruistic. You can do this by connecting your business to something vital that you are passionate about. The environment? A specific charity? Fashion? Whatever your passion find a way to tie a purpose with your business. 


As simple as the descriptions above, they are important and essential tips successful businesses engage in making their brands stand out among others. However, starting and growing business comes with numerous challenges. Therefore, you need to embrace tenacity and resilience. Don’t be easily deterred from your goals. 

If you’re looking for branding help checkout our projects page and shoot us a message via the contact form. 


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