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LAB99 allows you to effectively scale social media campaigns and supercharge brand awareness by turning audience and competitor data into actionable insights. 

Why Use LAB99?

Maximising marketing output is a top priority for all brands no matter what they are selling.

Knowing what your audience is doing and how to best engagement with them is vital to any business.

Super charge organic growth & optimise your paid campaigns  to get the best ROI.

Our Clients

What They Say…

We used LAB99 to help us grow our following. Their data helped us to  grow our social media following +900% across all platforms. Our engagement also skyrocketed in just a few months. 

Jaimie Van Duin

Founder, iHEartpizza

LAB99 is a great agency. Strategic, creative and committed. I am glad to have them as partners.
Laura Plato

Founder, Akoin

I used LAB99 to launch The Vegan Review. As well as producing actionable data, their content suggestions allowed us to frequently produce what our audience is looking. Our followers have grown +500%, on Twitter, our Instagram +300% and our Facebook page +1200%. I’d highly recommend them.

Ruben Douglas-Smith

Founder, The Vegan Review

Access valuable audience insights & reduce costs on paid/organic marketing.

Lab99 develops the most actionable insights you need to scale your brand awareness. We produce audience and competitor insights that drive results by focusing on the most used social channels; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Google.    

In-depth research to help shape your content

Based on your business and its competitors, we produce rich multi-platform search data and insights to help you shape your content.

Platform and device specific reports

We tell you exactly what platforms to focus on, how to position content, and when to post. We provide data for paid and organic campaigns. 

Achieve your growth goals

Receive everything you need to boost your brand awareness. Competitor schedule, audience engagement,  hashtag research, keywords research and more. 

LAB99 has been proven to boost brand awareness and engagement.



What is LAB99?

At LAB99 we are a team of experienced marketers who have helped to launch over 100+ brands collectively. We reliased the need for brands to laucnh organic and paid social media campaigns with the right data, so here we are!

How can LAB99 benefit my brand?

LAB99 produsing the most useful insights any brand or marketer needs. Our insights helps you to bypass the “finding out” period for your brand by giving you access to exactly what works. 

How can you help us to growth our brand?

Our research is proven to help brands boost awareness. We look at everything from your social media presence, to your overall brand positioning and provide unique insights on how to better attract your audience. 

Are your prices set?

Yes. Our packages are a set one time cost that is proven to drive results for up to 12-months. 

How long does it take to receive my research?

Your research will take a maximum of 7 business days to be completed. 

Can I contribute?

Yes! We encourage contribution. You can let us know exactly what you would like to achieve and we will tailor your research to suit your needs. 

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